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Hi LizIn an advantage/ disadvantage essay, should I always say which is best in my conclusion?

How to Write an Advantages and Disadvantages Essay?

Hello Liz, in your advantage and disadvantage model essay, you gave two examples for each section. My question is that if I give only one example for advantage and two examples for disadvantage, does it lower my score ?

Hi Liz,Can you provide a sample of an introduction for advantages outweighing disadvantages essay model?

IELTS Advantage Disadvantage Model Essay

Hi Liz,
Thank you for this wonderful site and your tips. Could you please clear me how to approach this kind of essay. for example, “Many people starts travelling to other city. is it a positive or negative trend”. i am very confused how to approach this kind of essays, are they same like advantages and disadvantages type?
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The digital divide places people with lower incomes and lower educational levels at a disadvantage when it comes to Internet access.

Ashleigh’s tragic story illustrates some disadvantages of modern media delivery: anonymity and unreliability. Although social networking sites such as Facebook are a convenient way to create new relationships and reconnect with old friends, there is no way of knowing whether users are who they claim to be, leaving people (particularly impressionable youths) vulnerable to online predators. Since much of the content on the Internet is unregulated, this lack of reliability spans the entire online spectrum, from news stories and Wikipedia articles to false advertising claims and unscrupulous con artists on websites such as Craigslist.

Traditional shopping vs online shopping Internet buying advantages of online shopping and its essay or paper essay or paper essay or

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-Is this positive or negative development ? ( what structure I’ve to follow in this type of question ?) Body para 1 – negative side
Body para 2 – posivite side
It is same as advantage and disadvantage essay or some thing else ?
Hoping for your reply soon as my exam is on 25 Nobember

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Along with practical disadvantages, the Internet also has several economic disadvantages. An increasing gap between people who can afford personal computers and access to the web and people who cannot, known as the digital divide, separates the haves and the have-nots. Although about 75 percent of U.S. households are connected to the Internet, there are gaps in access in terms of age, income, and education. For example, a recent study found that 93 percent of people age 18–29 have Internet access, compared with 70 percent of people 50–64 and just 38 percent of people over 65. Similar disparities occur with income and education (see ).

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Traditional media also face economic disadvantages when it comes to profiting from the Internet. Having freely given away much of their online content, newspapers are struggling to transition to an entirely ad-based business model. Although publishers initially envisioned a digital future supported entirely by advertising, two years of plummeting ad revenue (the Newspaper Association of America reported that online advertising revenues fell 11.8 percent in 2009) has caused some papers to consider introducing online fees. Although modern media delivery is quick and efficient, companies are still trying to establish a successful economic model to keep them afloat in the long term.

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Let’s address some of the advantages and disadvantages (drawbacks) of the Internet, and what you can do to keep your security and privacy intact.

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Hey Liz I have a query regarding advantage disadvantage essay, do we have to give our opinion in conclusion as I feel u have given ur opinion in conclusion in this model answer , I thought we only have to give our opinion if the question asks do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages but not for simple advantage/disadvantage essay .Kindly help in this regard
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