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So, why was cheating and certain zone hacks become such a large problem in the Age games?

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I mean, after someone was caught cheating and their zone nick was posted on every age site in the known universe, how hard was it for them to simply just sign up again?

Many People believe cheating hinders learning but it’s not the only obstacle students are facing.

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Cheating is on the rise, but schools and colleges are not far behind with ways of dealing with it.

All too often in these situations, I've seen cheaters let off lightly when caught, when they deserved either a suspension or permanent banning from the service.

So, why was cheating and certain zone hacks become such a large problem in the Age games.

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As the year dragged on it was found that more and more students possibly had cheated on the assignment and was also becoming a public relations nightmare in the press and internally to the Army branch of the United States militar...

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Mark Clayton deals with this issue in his essay entitled “A Whole Lot of Cheatin’ Going On.” Clayton’s essay is heavily quoted along with an obvious absence of his ideas.

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Behind the buffer zone of a computer screen and several hundred miles of telephone wire, people don't have to worry about upsetting someone else by playing unfairly, cheating, or exploiting bugs....

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